Store Collects Comics For Troops

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For the young men and women spending their days on the battlefield, sometimes all they need is a slice of home.

The Deep comic book store in Huntsville is hoping to bring them just that, in the form of their favorite super heroes.

"We have a few friends and customers serving overseas, so when a few of them couldn't make it to pick up their books we shipped them to them," said Robby Billups, manager of The Deep. "They wound up sharing it with other people, and they loved it."

Now what started as a kind gesture for a few friends, has turned into thousands of comic books, donated, packed and ready to be shipped to our troops.

"They're serving for us and any little bit we can do goes a long way," said Billups.

The Deep is collecting comic books until Thursday, October 4th and the books will be shipped to Afghanistan on Friday. They ask that the books that are donated do not contain graphic nudity, political themes, or war.