Kids to Love: Meet Seth

Seth is an Alabama football fan... he enjoys boy scouts, building things and playing outside.
more than anything.. wants to be adopted.

Seth is just an average kid... he's eleven... in the 6th grade.
“I like to play P.E.!” he said.
See... told you he was your average kid. He does really well in school and likes to read...
He wants to be a cop when he grows up.
“They get to chase down bad guys... cars...” he said.
Seth likes to play outside...and ride his bike... he would love to live somewhere ...where he can do both!
Lee asks “What's the hardest thing about being in foster care?”
Seth answers “trying to be good, not be bad & do stuff you’re not supposed to.”
Lee asks “Do you wanna be adopted?”
Seth answered “Reason I wanna be adopted is cause I want me a new family... I'm tired of being in foster care for like 7 or 8 years. I want me a nice family, a very nice family that has kids that I can play with.”

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