‘Young Engineers’ Are First U.S. Participants In UK Competition

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Most students in Alabama finished their fourth week of school this week, but a few of them never really took time off to enjoy the summer. Half a dozen students worked through the school break to participate in the Green Car Power Project. The students are breaking an international barrier in the process.

Students at the Huntsville Center for Technology got together in August 2011 to design and build a green power car.

“Everything is done from scratch and engineered by students. We have the teachers helping up just to be there, but the whole thing is student-driven for the most part,” said Team Member Briana Cummings.

The young engineers in training and their car will travel to England next year. They will be a part of the United Kingdom’s Greenpower Education Trust competition. The crew from Huntsville will be the first from the United States to participate.

“I think that is just amazing. It helps with out college resumes, job resumes and everything. Being over there and have Team USA on us is truly an honor to be the first team to go over there,” added Cummings.

The center’s drafting instructor says the biggest step to make the journey is money. It’s the reason Mike Baron’s company and others are helping sponsor the team.

“It’s exactly the kind of thing we want to do. You take a concept on paper, convert it to reality and make it perform under very demanding circumstances,” said Baron.

The team has seven members now, but is working to get three more. The team is also asking for donations. It is not sure how much money will be needed at this point since most of the cost will pay for travel.