Turnout Low For State Amendment Vote

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - At the polling place on Oakwood University's campus, Brett Johnson Jr. sees all.  He's campaigning for the Alabama Democratic Conference.

Though to be fair, there aren't many to campaign to.

Johnson says, "A couple weeks ago was a pretty poor turnout, and this week is probably half of that.  So that's pretty much how you can judge it."

Those who take the time to vote validate their own rights, the right to vote definitely among them, but more importantly, the right to complain about how it turns out.

Voter Jim England explains, "It's important because that's the way we run our government, and I can't complain about what politicians do unless I vote for them or against them, whichever."

In the age of social media, complaints about the government mount quickly, but it's important to take your opinions past your keyboard and express them in a way that can change things.

Voter Tildie Gaines points out, "We want to have everything in our city running, and we want our children to be taken care of and our teachers.  So I think it's important to vote today."