Fighting for You: Theft Victim Tells Huntsville Police And Community She’s Not Taking It Anymore

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - A theft victim wants Huntsville Police and her city councilman to know she's not taking it anymore. She also has a message for her neighbors. Sharon Owens called WHNT NEWS 19 Venton Blandin to say she is sick of criminals running freely through her community.

Owens told WHNT NEWS 19 thieves broke into her house twice in four days. The life-long Huntsville resident says that's just too much for her to sit back and not do anything. She wants to motivate the Huntsville Police Department, City Council and community to do more.

Owens has lived on Sandia Boulevard for decades. She says the street is home to several homeowners who are up in their years and dealing with health issues.

"That's really what prompted me to give you a call because of these things that are happening and how they are happening," said Owens.

Owens can point out a number of homeowners taken advantage of by criminals. She is thankful to Huntsville Police for making arrests, but wants the city council to do more.

"Let's get back on the beat of doing things that need to be done in this community. It feels they gave forgotten about this community," added Owens.

The life-long District 1 resident has called her councilman, Richard Showers.

"We want to see our councilman. We want to see him in our communities getting things done," added Owens.

She says Councilman Showers walked the community once.

Sharon Owens is fired up and passionate. She says it is for a good reason. Owens says thieves did not only break into her house, but also tried breaking into a house three doors to the right and another three doors to left of her home in one day.

"Huntsville, Alabama is my home. We have a personal passion to the things we are connected to in our lives. My passion has always been seniors and my local community. However, passion does not get things done," added Owens.

Owens stays in touch with police to help fight for her streets. She wonders why criminals don't stay in jail.

WHNT NEWS 19 checked with an investigator with the Huntsville Police Department to find an answer.

"It's not our place to keep them in jail. We put them there. It's up to the court system and other people, you know, it is up to them and what they sentence them," said Investigator Jack Pugh.

Councilman Richard Showers called WHNT NEWS 19 late Monday afternoon. He says he's asked police to increase the presence of marked and unmarked patrol cars in the area. Councilman Showers also says he plans to get speed bumps installed on the street and form a more active neighborhood watch team.