Amy Bishop Anderson and Husband Could Receive Royalties from UAH

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – According to our news partner, The Huntsville Times, admitted UAHuntsville shooter Amy Bishop Anderson and her husband are in line to receive royalties from UAHuntsville for an invention that’s expected to start generating revenue next month.

The invention is described as a “automated petri dish” and has been developed for sale to research universities by a company called InQ Biosciences in Huntsville. The Huntsville Times says Bishop Anderson and her husband are credited as the inventors of the dish.

Under UAHuntsville’s standard patent agreement, the couple could be entitled to 70 percent if the invention generates up to $50,000 and 40 percent of income over $50,000.

According to our news partner, The Huntsville Times, UAH spokesman Ray Garner suggested Friday that it was too soon to know if the university would be paying Bishop Anderson and her husband for the invention.

“As a result of pending civil litigation filed by the victims of the shooting, questions remain where any proceeds that are due the inventor will be paid,” Garner said.

Amy Bishop Anderson pleaded guilty on September 11, 2012 to capital murder in the case of the 2010 UAHuntsville shooting. Under the plea agreement, she will not get the death penalty. However, she’ll still have to undergo an abbreviated trial on September 24, 2012 as required by Alabama law.