Fighting for You Update: Woman Pushes Property Owner To Install Fence Around Dump Site

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Huntsville, Ala. (WHNT) - A Madison County driver emailed WHNT NEWS 19 about a roadway eyesore.  We took action and made calls about getting it cleared away. Agency representatives said the eyesore was a dump site and compliant for the most part, but said steps would be taken to make it look better. There a change to the site. It is not one we expected.

The material on the dump site is now spreading out into the right of way. The Huntsville Department of Public Works said a fence would be installed, but that has not happened. Tina Alexander is the driver who contacted WHNT NEWS 19 about the dump site in July. We talked with her about how it looks now and why she's still not satisfied.

Alexander noticed renovations at Maplewood Park while traveling along North Memorial Parkway, but also saw things piling up across from the park.

"I was wondering why would they spend so much money fixing up Maplewood Park, but then allow this dump to develop," said Alexander.

WHNT NEWS 19 did some checking around with the city of Huntsville. He discovered the dump site is compliant when it comes to location, but not when it comes to content. No one is allowed to dump shingles and wood onto the site, but both are there.

A manager with the Huntsville Public Works Department says the responsibility lies with one person, no matter who puts the illegal material on the site.

"It would be the property owner. If it is dumped onto your property, you would be responsible for it being on your property," Jackie Bergeen.

The city told WHNT NEWS 19 in July the property owner would soon install a fence to prevent illegal dumping. There is no fence on the property.

"I expected more to be done quicker, but it's not," added Alexander.

WHNT NEWS 19 talked with Alexander again about the dump. She is not satisfied.

"It got worse. It actually got worse. Like I said, it has spread out and onto the road," added Alexander.

The property owner has put up a rope with yellow indicators around the site, but anyone can see the rope is not working.

Alexander has one request for the property owner.

"Do something more. Do whatever can be done to stop it and clean it up as quickly as possible," added Alexander.

Michael Grisham owns the property. Grisham is aware of the eyesore, but says he can't clean it up until the Alabama Department of Transportation gives him permission. ALDOT confirms Grisham filed the necessary paperwork in August.