Jury Deliberations Continue In Workplace Shooting Trial

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) After seven hours behind closed doors the jury recessed for the night in the attempted murder trial of Maurice Kevin Hill.

The jury was given this case just before 10:00 Wednesday morning. They are trying to decide whether or not Hill fired shots inside Adtran back in 2008.

Madison County Circuit Judge Karen Hall (Photo by Matt Kroschel WHNT)

Hill's cousin RJ Robinson was an employee working on the eighth floor at Adtran when he was shot in the shoulder. During the trial this week, he testified it was Hill who fired the shot. other Adtran employees say they saw hill inside the building.

Police testified Hill got into an argument with Robinson and pulled out a gun, firing at Robinson as he tried to push him out of the office.

Hill claims he was not the shooter and was nowhere near where the shooting took place. Early on in the deliberations the jury did ask the judge if there were any lesser charges included besides the attempted murder charge. The judge said there are not.

Hill is being held in the Madison County Detention Facility and the jury will resume deliberations again Thursday at 9:00 a.m.