Isaac’s Remnants Still Kicking

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Photo by Rand Smith, Selma

Isaac made landfall on Louisiana’s Coast last Tuesday night (and slowly continued to move inland on Wednesday morning), and over the past seven days, it has made it from Plaquemines Parish to the Ohio River Valley creating all kinds of havoc along the way. Numerous tornadoes occurred over Mississippi, southwest Alabama, and a few others were scattered as far north as Illinois and Missouri.

Sunday’s storms in the Tennessee Valley were one of Isaac’s lingering effects; today’s clouds and showers are also thanks to Isaac.

Last night, heavy storms over Central and South Alabama produced flash flooding a widespread wind damage; Dallas County was one of the hardest hit spots in the entire state. Over 9 inches (9.64″ to be exact) of rain have fallen in Selma since last night, and there is a lot of flash flooding going on down in the Central and South sections of the state.