Huntsville Gets New Fleet To Tackle Trash Collection

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) After years of not replacing the aging garbage truck fleet, 19 brand new trucks are set to make their maiden "garbage voyage" in Huntsville.

The 4.1 million dollar fleet replacement comes not a moment to soon as the current fleet of trash collectors succumb to the years of abuse of hauling  junk. The city serves 65,000 residents and WHNT News 19 has learned several times over the last few years nearly half the current fleet was out of commission.

A new fleet should help make the sanitation division more efficient. (WHNT Photo)

"It made for long days when the trucks were out-of-order," sanitation manager ReDonald Scott said. "We are just excited to get them out on the roads and serving our customers."

The new fleet comes outfitted with better fuel efficiency and new technology like cameras and tracking. Managers say drivers are going through new training now and the new trucks should hit the streets of Huntsville in the next few weeks.