Huntsville City Schools, Education Community Hold College And Career Connection Week

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - At the Huntsville-Madison County Chamber of Commerce, education leaders announced College and Career Connection Week.

The week will feature a Parent Night on Thursday at the University of Alabama in Huntsville and "Plan for Success Sunday" at Lee High School.  You can find the full schedule here.

The week is designed to get kids thinking about preparing for life after high school.

Huntsville City Schools Superintendent Dr. Casey Wardynski explains, "For our younger kids, it's important to see that goal, so the focus of everything we do in education is to prepare them for the next step, and the next step is either going to be a career or perhaps college.  We're in the business of getting them ready, and they need to understand where we're going."

They even plan to use strong football connections to explain the importance of college, with aspects like team colors day, where kids are encouraged to represent their favorite schools.

"You can start a discussion about why that school," says Dr. Wardynski, "What does it take to get into that school?  What would your major be?  What do I need to do in high school to get ready to take that major?  What'll be the appropriate courses, so that I'm ready to write those twenty page papers."

All with the goal to get kids to ask the most important questions.

Dr. Wardynski gives examples, "What do I need to do now in junior high, high school to be getting ready?  If I'm not quite ready, what do I do to get caught up?  Do I need to take the SAT, ACT?  Is it good to take Advanced Placement courses?  All that sort of stuff, so kids don't arrive in 12th grade and think, 'Gee, I wish I'd planned ahead.'"