Rainsville Businessman Spearheads Fundraising Efforts For Shooting Victims

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DEKALB COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - The victims of the August 24 shooting at Fred's in Rainsville have started their road to recovery, and one man is spearheading a fundraising effort to help them.

The shooting brought the community together in concern for their safety, and support for the two men who were shot.  One Rainsville business owner says he felt a calling to help, to let Josh Nance and Matthew Whitt know they have support back home.

Nance came to The Barter Post as a customer a little more than a year ago.  Jimmy Joliet says Nance wanted to work for him, but Joliet didn't need the extra staff at the time.

"When I heard that Fred's had been shot, my first thought was 'Is Josh okay?' and I come to find out it was Josh," said Joliet.

Joliet said the 24-year-old made a lasting impression on him with the way he spoke and the care he showed for his mother.

"He was always very pleasurable, very respectable, and to see something like this happen to a young man like that, it's undeserving," said Joliet.

Joliet knew the Rainsville community would want to help with costs, so he started to raise money for the two victims.  Fortunately, their employer is covering medical bills.

"Fred's is doing a spectacular job with taking care of immediate care right off the bat," said Joliet.  "My goal is for long-term.  Josh is going to be paralyzed from the chest down for the rest of his life."

Joliet got donation jars set up in several local businesses, and also set up a way to donate online.  There are also Facebook pages for both men:


Joliet got to meet Matthew Whitt's parents and talked to Josh Nance on the phone Thursday.

"His dad showed him the laptop of what the community is doing and saying on their Facebook page," said Joliet.  "He was overwhelmed, and you could hear the tears of joy."

Joliet is keeping a list of authorized donation sites to make sure the money gets to the victims.