Kids to Love – Meet Amy

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Amy turns 17 this month.
She's spending her birthday in foster care.
Sadly, she has spent many there.
Amy likes to listen to music and she loves to write.
Amy has spent more than half of her life in foster care.
She has been in 4 homes and she thought she had found her forever family.
Amy said "One of my foster parents, she wanted to adopt us, my family, my sister and my brothers."
But the foster mother died of cancer before the adoption was final.
Amy is a young lady who's experienced a lot of losses that have torn her family apart.
"My little brother, but he's gone too. He died. He had heart problems." Amy recalls.
Part of Amy's past is helping to shape her goals for the future.
She wants to be a Pediatrician.
Lee asked Amy "why did you choose that?”
Amy answered: “it's just babies, little babies. I hate to see them like sick and I want to help them."
A past full of hurt...a future full of promise.
All Amy needs is a chance.
"I want to find a nice family so that I won't have to keep moving." Amy added.