Sketch the Sky: Kids, Submit Your Weather Drawing


Weather in the Tennessee Valley brings us everything from bright sunny skies to cold rain showers, severe weather and beautiful spring days.

Kids, we invite you to capture the weather in your own drawings!

Have your children send us their best weather pictures and they may end up in our Sketch the Sky segment! Once a month, the children whose pictures are featured on Sketch the Sky are invited to a party with one of our meteorologists.  The parties will be held at Hays Nature Preserve through the summer.

We now accept tablet entries! Just have your kids use their favorite art app and send us the final product.

To submit your child’s picture, email it to or mail it to 200 Holmes Avenue; Huntsville, AL 35801. Be sure to include the child’s name, telephone number, city and state along with the picture. Watch WHNT News 19 at 5:00 p.m. every weeknight to see if your child’s picture is featured on Sketch the Sky!


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