EZ Eyes a Deal!


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - The EZ Eyes Large Print Computer Keyboard cost us $12.99. It's a computer keyboard with oversized letters and numbers. The keyboard also is "high contrast."  What that means in regular words, is that the keyboard is black with the keys in bright yellow.  The black numbers are in the middle of the yellow keys.   That makes everything "pop" visually on the keyboard.  The keyboard plugs into a USB port on your desktop computer.

The packaging says the larger letters are four times bigger than a standard keyboard.  I'm not sure the characters are that much bigger, but they are easier to spot across a room.

Here is what got our attention.  The box says the keyboard is "spill-resistant."  So, it turned into an opportunity to spill a bottled water on a keyboard.  We did, and it still worked.

We were shaking water from the keyboard ten minutes later, but it still worked!

The EZ Eyes Large Print Keyboard is a "Deal."

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