Boom Cube a Deal!

There are dozens of mini-amplifiers on the market.  It appears that many of those products are trying to distinguish themselves with strange, or odd, designs.

With that in mind, we offer up the Boom Cube. The Boom Cube cost us $12.99.  It’s a cube that has a small connector which plugs into a smart phone or laptop.    It also comes with an adaptor that you can charge the Boom Cube with your lap or desktop.

The Boom Cube worked pretty well.   It jacked up the volume pretty good.  I liked it.  Since it’s relatively cheap, you can take it to the beach, lake, or campground.  If an accident happens and you lose the Boom Cube, then you aren’t out a ton of money.  If you buy the Apple version of the mini-amplifier that cost $29.99 that might be the one you want to leave at home.

I like the Boom Cube and make it a Deal.

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