WHNT NEWS 19 Viewers Suggest Their Own Products To Be Tested!

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First, we got several not so serious suggestions.  My favorite was a suggestion for a cooler with a USB port.  It’s a way to keep your beverage of choice cool, and your computer charged.

Ken Hoffman had a great suggestion on helping count calories.  Ken wants a handheld device that lets you plug in the ingredients for any dish you are preparing, and then have it give you calories, carbs, sugar grams, a cholesterol, and a good serving size guide.

I wonder what I would say about milk shakes. Yum.

Joel Emerson wants a blend of grass that will stop growing at two inches.  That means it would never have to be cut.  

With summer temps over a hundred many days, I’m all for that!

I love this one.

Cynthia Ziegler wants a phone that will recognize and then automatically answer robocalls.   Great idea! It is an election year!

 Next, we had a great suggestion from a new dad. He wanted a machine that could lay a baby into, and then have it change a baby’s diaper.  That way Mom and Dad could watch the game or a movie, and baby can get a new diaper.

A great sports suggestion for Deal or Dud came next!

One football fan suggested that Alabama, Auburn, and the networks could come up with a way for fans to take their iPads into game, and then log on to a computer that will give real time statistics.

This one is a little different.  One person wants a candle that has a warning beep that would signal the candle is about to run out.

 We did get a request for WHNT NEWS 19 Chief Meteorologist Jason Simpson.   One viewer wanted to know if Jason could put something on the weather map showing where police are holding roadblocks.

I can take that question for Jason. No, he can’t.

 A serious suggestion.  One viewer wants to know why we can’t have a massive effort to turn used cooking oil into fuel for vehicles. That is a great idea.  Some municipalities are doing that across the country but not enough.    Plus, if everyone did that the world would smell like French Fries and that would just about make things perfect!

Any maybe Sandy Glasscock is on to something here. She wonders if there would be a spot on our WHNT NEWS 19 Facebook page or WHNT.com for women to rate men after a date…as a Deal or a Dud.

Great idea.   We may recruit Sandy to organize that effort for us!