Folex Spot Cleaner a Deal!

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - You can get, as we used to call it in Hartselle when I was a kid, a big ole' jug of Folex Spot Cleaner for $7.99.

We have a long history of testing products that deal with wine stains.   The hidden agenda here is that we then get to test with the red wine and an unconfirmed rumor has it that we, on occasion, sample some of the vino.  I will neither confirm nor deny that rumor.

However we did test how well Folex took wine out of the carpet. And it did it pretty well.  It took some elbow great, but the Folex got out all the wine.

We test it on some hard and old stains.  Folex did a good job. It should handle light to medium stains easy.

I did have a thick tough stain on my carpet that required several soakings of the Folex product. It eventually got the paint out after several soakings.

We make the Folex Spot Cleaner a Deal.