Fighting For You: Lawyer Urges Tornado Masters’ Customers Fill Out Claims Requesting Refunds

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This is a 'Fighting for You' update. Many customers of the Tornado Masters shelter company are still without refunds. The law firm handling claims against the shelter-manufacturing company says there is an important date you should know about. Bill Gibbons is the lawyer handling claims against the company. He says the deadline for customers to request refunds from Tornado Masters is fast approaching. The cut-off date is August 15, 2012. Gibbons says the refund request process requires the company's customers to fill out paperwork.

Gibbons says the company's financial records were a mess. He is working through it to get refunds for the company's customers.

"We have liquidated all of the assets with the exception of one vehicle that we ran into a title problem with," said Gibbons.

Gibbons estimates he's generated $120,000 by selling the company's vehicles, equipment and shelter-making materials. The lawyer believes some customers won't mind getting rid of the company's property.

"It means I am going to have a chunk of money in the end. I have to do an accounting to the court," added Gibbons.

A Madison County judge shut down Tornado Masters in April. The judge believes Tornado Masters used deceptive practices to sell storm shelters.

Gibbons has put together documents to help customers receive money they believe they are owed. Refund-seekers have until August 15th to make their request.

"I am assuming if they don't file a claim, they won't get anything. I need to have a claim in there," added Gibbons.

Customers must provide contact information, the amount paid to the company and check a box on the form for what the money purchased. Gibbons says all customers requesting money should keep one thing in mind.

"They're not going to get anything more than a pro-rated share at best. The fact remains, there is only so much money," added Gibbons.

Gibbons says each customer must provide receipts and sign their claim form.