Fighting For You: House Moving Company Repairs Woman’s Mailbox, Addresses Church Concerns

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – WHNT NEWS 19 has the story of two different complaints with one common connection. The same company is involved in both. The business is Don Kennedy & Sons House Moving Company. WHNT NEWS 19 is getting results in both cases. The business owner is defending his company’s name.

One case involves a mangled mailbox. The other focuses on a church move that was stalled for months. We’re pleased to report we’ve gotten results..

A mailbox on Beaver Dam Road in Toney is the center of one complaint. Melody Hodges told us employees with Don Kennedy & Sons damaged it, but despite her best efforts, she couldn’t get the company to fix it.

“It’s so simple. It took them two minutes to uproot it. It would take them five minutes to put a new one in, so I don’t understand their thinking,” said Hodges.

“There are two sides to every story. We want to do everything can to be a top-notch company in the Tennessee Valley,” said Jeff Kennedy, owner of the house moving company.

Kennedy says he’s a part of every house move escort.

“I keep a very detailed list each time. I think we affected about 50 mailboxes on that particular move,” added Kennedy.

He disputes that his crew damaged the mailbox outside the home where Hodges lives.

“It was not touched. I went back and looked at it. I sent a crew out to be sure that everything was taken care of. All I can say is, we did not touch that particular mailbox,” said Kennedy.

The business owner prides himself on 70 years of history in the Tennessee Valley. Kennedy told WHNT NEWS 19 his wife went to the home where Hodges lived the day after our original story aired.

“Out of the spirit and nature of the report, we went ahead and replaced the mailbox,” added Kennedy.

Kennedy also addressed a previous WHNT NEWS 19 ‘Taking Action’ report about a local church move.

Church members contacted us claiming Kennedy’s company did not move their building in a timely manner.

He admits there was a delay in delivery after payments were made, but points out the delay was caused by confusion over permits.

“We took care of all of that for them. I am sorry it took so long to get that done, but we did the best we could with what had to be done through the City of Huntsville,” added Kennedy.

The church is now in place.  Kennedy says his company and the church maintain a relationship.

“As far I know, from what I have been told right now, they are happy with the job we’ve done. We’re moving on with the second phase of the second contract,” added Kennedy.

WHNT NEWS 19’s Venton Blandin talked with Hodges about the mailbox outside the home where she lives. She said she is satisfied and appreciated that Kennedy’s company replaced the mailbox.

WHNT NEWS 19 wants to thank Don Kennedy & Sons for helping make things right and resolving both cases.


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