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Speeders Driving Homeowner Crazy

MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - Winchester Road is busy, especially between Huntsville and New Market. Chad Campbell accepts that. What he doesn't accept is all the drivers who drive faster than the legal speed limit on Winchester as it passes in front of his house.

Chad lives in New Market, just a couple of hundred yards inside the 45 mile per hour limit zone. He says people don't pay attention to the speed limit sign, "and we've got a lot of houses here with kids and stuff."

Chad isn't exaggerating the problem. He told us it's worst at rush hour in the morning and evening. At mid morning we took out our radar gun and tracked drivers in the high 50's, and low 60's. Those speeds well above the legal 45 mile per hour limit. "It's very dangerous, and I just wish they would slow down," says Chad.

The speeding problem is bad enough for him to keep his two young daughters from playing in their own front yard. Not too long ago, a driver who wrecked came into the yard, and passed over a section where Chad's daughter had been riding her bike just moments before. "She had been there five seconds before," says Chad. "That's the reason they're not allowed in the front yard," he added.

Chad Campbell wants drivers to slow down, and we're taking action to help with that effort. We're discussing more enforcement with both Madison County and Alabama law enforcement agencies. We're also going to talk to the state DOT about more, or different speed limit signs to make sure drivers notice the legal limit.

This is a dangerous situation that needs our help.

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