Chisholm Heights, East Lauderdale Ask People To Conserve Water


LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – Two water departments in Lauderdale County are urging people to conserve water until north Alabama gets significant rain.

The Chisholm Heights Water Authority and East Lauderdale Water Authority both say the tanks are low because of little rain and extremely hot conditions.

Chisholm Heights serves about 1,400 customers and East Lauderdale serves about 3,100 customers. 

You’re asked not to wash your cars or water your lawn for the time being.  Please also water your garden sparingly.

“Our tanks are dangerously low. We’re not dry, but we’re able to maintain about 25 percent in our tanks,” said Ronnie Woodard, manager of East Lauderdale Water Authority. 

Woodard said East Lauderdale’s tanks each hold about half a million gallons. 

“Basically, what’s happened is [customers are] pulling it out of the system before we can get it to the tanks,” said Woodard.  “If they can hold back on their usage, that will allow us to fill the tanks.”


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