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iHome Minispeaker a Deal-Slight Edge Over Music Bullet

A few weeks back, we test the Music Bullet.  The Music Bullet is a mini-speaker you can plug in to a variety of smart phones to enhance the downloaded music. In English, that means you can play it really loud.

The Music Bullet cost $14.99, and if you keep an eye out you can find it cheaper.    We made it a “Deal.”

Then I got an email from someone asking about the iHome Minispeaker.  It’s basically the same product but it cost $29.99.  They wanted me to compare the Music Bullet with the iHome Minispeaker.

The iHome Minispeaker did seem to be a bit studier and it did seem to push a little more sound out which is good.

Did I mention I like my music loud?  Oh. Sorry, I forgot.

The iHome Minispeaker is a good minispeaker and I rated it a “Deal.” As for which one is better, the Music Bullet or the iHome Minispeaker…I would give the iHome a small edge but both are a “Deal.”

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