Familiar Face Returns To Decatur’s Mayoral Race

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A familiar face is returning to the Decatur political scene.  Don Kyle wants his old job back.

On August 28, Decatur voters will choose between two Dons.  Don Kyle wants the mayor's chair back.  Incumbent Mayor Don Stanford won the job four years ago.

It's looking like a hot summer for Decatur politics.

"I look forward to the competition and look forward to success on August 28," said Kyle.

Kyle says his business skill and financial resume are the big reasons he can make an impact if gets back in the mayor's chair.

"I've got a unique background in finance and business ownership, fiduciary management of assets, things of that nature that back the city and I've always been in the service business," said Kyle.

Kyle will have his work cut out for him.  Incumbent Mayor Don Stanford beat Don Kyle four years ago.  Back in 2008, Stanford said he couldn't wait to hit the ground running.

"I've owned my own business. I've run two other businesses that were very successful," said Stanford.  "I have a degree in business administration. I know how to communicate with people, and I know how to motivate people."

Kyle says he played a key role in the development of Ingalls Harbor, the Jack Allen Center and The Crossings Shopping Center.  Kyle says the bottom line to a community's success is putting people to work.

"When you are talking about all those things, you are talking about jobs," said Kyle. "Jobs in all my literature is the lifeblood of your economy, your community, your churches, everything thrives on growth."

The Decatur Mayor's job pays $106,000.