Aeternum Saute Pan A DEAL!

Most of the non-stick cookware is really not non-stick.   It’s been my experience, that most of the cookware that claims to be non-stick still needs a little cooking spray, or oil, or butter to truly make it non-stick.

I walked past a set of cookware put out by Aeternum.   They have a big selection of cookware and all the packaging claims out a big non-stick claim.

Pointing out how a non-stick pan really isn’t non-stick has, occasionally, been a staple of Deal or Dud coverage.

The Aeternum sauté pan was amazing. We tried frying an egg in it and the egg ended up sliding around in the pan like an ice cube.

We tried fish in the Aeternum sauté pan. We put in a big piece of tilapia and it didn’t come close to sticking.



We never treated the pan with any oil, butter, or spray and the Aeternum worked beautifully.

The sauté pan cost $19.99.  We rated this an easy DEAL!

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