Protect Your Home While on Vacation

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Most know it's never a good idea to let your guard down when it comes to protecting your home from burglaries. But vacation time is the prime season for thieves.

No one wants to return home after a week-long and much needed vacation to discover their home has been burglarized in their absence. Mid-summer is the peak vacation time and the peak time for home invasions, but the risk of becoming another burglary statistic can be slashed while on vacation with these home safety tips.

Use A Timer

Purchase inexpensive timers for indoor lights. Putting a few indoor lights on timers throughout the home and having the lights turn on and off at varying times will give the appearance that someone is home.

A television and radio can be placed on timers to turn on and off at certain times to dispel household quietness and further give the appearance of someone being at home.

Place an outdoor light on a timer as well or install a motion-detecting outdoor flood light.

Trim Bushes And Trees

Large or over-grown bushes near the entrance way of a home or planted at the home's foundation provide covering for would-be home invaders. Trim the bushes to make the home more visible to passer-bys and less inviting for burglars.

Trees planted near the home may provide branches that a burglar could use to gain access to a second floor window. Inspect trees and trim any branches that are close enough to the home to provide access.

Neighborhood Watch

Ask a trusted neighbor to retrieve the mail, newspaper and to keep an eye on the place while on vacation.

Doors And Windows

Make certain all doors and windows are locked before departing on vacation. Leaving some of the curtains slightly open will also make it appear as though someone is in the house.


Leaving the car parked in the driveway where it's visible also adds to the appearance of someone being at home and will discourage would-be home invaders.

Enjoying a vacation and returning home to an intact home and belongings takes a little forethought and preparation, but it's definitely worth the effort.

Protect against home invasion by giving the appearance that someone is at home with lights and sound that come on during various intervals throughout the day and night.

Secure home by trimming bushes, trees and locking all doors and windows. Alert a neighbor to vacation plans and ask them to retrieve the mail and newspaper daily, and leave a car parked in the driveway.

These home safety tips are certainly not fool-proof, but making your home less inviting to burglars and difficult to break into just may be the edge needed to protect against a home invasion.