Huntsville Family Rates Slushy Magic A “DUD”

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We got an email from the sweet Donham family about the Slushy Magic.   They have two girls who had watched the Slushy Magic infomercial.

Lucy is a 1st grader at Weatherly Elementary and her big sister Abby is a 4th grader at the same school.  They wanted to make slushys with the Slushy Magic to see if it was a Deal or Dud.

First, here is how the Slushy Magic works. It comes with a big plastic cup.  (Think stadium cup) It also comes with a spoon and a top to the cup.  Also, there are “magic cubes.”  The cubes have water that is contained by a plastic wrapper.  If you think of what an ice cube would look like covered with saran wrap and then have it thaw but still hold the water. That is what the “magic cubes” are.

You put the cubes in the cup, and pour the drink that you are trying to make a slushy off, over the cubes. You put the top on the cup, and then shake it up.  You shake it for two minutes, and “presto” you have a slushy.

But there are problems.  When you make the slushy, and then take the cubes out, you don’t have much left. You are lucky to have a third of the cup filled with the slushy.  The Donham family has two children, so there wasn’t much to go around.  Also, the cubes thawed just about immediately.  Making a second batch wasn’t a realistic option. 

Also, and this is a big problem, is how to make slushys with a carbonated beverage.  You have to shake cup while you have a hole on the top of the cup covered. You have to vent the pressure every couple of shakes.  When we did it, the cola slushy spewed out the top like Old Faithful.  It made a mess that took a few minutes to clean up.

The Slushy Magic cost $14.99.  Abby and Lucy make the Slushy Magic a “Deal” with non-carbonated beverages and a “Dud” with carbonated beverages.  

So we went to the judge for a verdict.  Lucy and Abby’s mom rated the Slushy Magic a Dud.  She felt like it was too much trouble for not enough slushy and there was a Sonic 45 seconds from their house.



The Donham family and I rate the Slushy Magic a “DUD.”