Tools For Teachers: Karen Taylor

In this edition of Tools For Teachers, we surprise Karen Taylor at Belgreen Elementary School in Russellville.

Tara Oliver has been taking notice of her colleague, Taylor, for several years.  In fact, the two spent five years teaching third grade together.  Tara says she's always known Karen was special.

"Everything is about making sure that her kids succeed.  Top-notch, no matter the cost, no matter what she has to do," Oliver said.  "It's all about her kids.  She wants the kids to learn by doing."

This year, Oliver's daughter landed in Ms. Taylor's classroom.

She says watching her reading skills advance was impressive.  All the while, Ms. Taylor was constantly digging into her own wallet for school supplies.  Oliver said that was reason enough to contact WHNT News 19.

"I nominated her because I want us to give back to her all that she has given to the kids over the years," Oliver said.

Belgreen's principal, Steve Pounders, joined us for the surprise.

"Here's $319 to buy supplies for your students for this class," said Pounders.  "Thank you, thank you," Taylor replied.

"When you see them grow and they are really proud of themselves and that they are making progress that really means a lot to me," Taylor said of her students.

Even adults need a boost of confidence now and then.  So for a fellow teacher to take notice, Ms. Taylor says it means a lot.  

"It gives me confidence to just keep going," said Taylor.  "I hope I am making a little bit of a difference."

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