Beware of Dog? ‘Burglar’ Puts Local Pets To The Test

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Man’s best friend!  We would like to think they have our back should an intruder bust in when we’re not home.   Many pet owners place a lot of faith in Fido, but we encourage you to watch our special report before you place a bet on your four-legged family member.

WHNT News 19 puts your pooch to the test to see if they have what it takes to protect your property.   

Here are our test subjects:

  • Layla: 30 Pound Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog
  • Oliver: 28 Pound Papillon Mix
  • Charlie: 120 Pound Rottweiler
  • Indy: 5 Pound Yorkie
  • Asher: 11 Pound Chihuahua-Rat Terrier Mix
  • Major: 85 Pound German Shepherd

WHNT News 19 enlisted the help of the Morgan County Sheriff’s Department and its canine unit.  Deputy Don Carr suited up in a $1,500 protective suit.  We asked the homeowners to leave after setting up five surveillance cameras inside the houses.

Who cowered?  Who hid?  Who played with toys?  Who actually protected?

You won’t believe how this test played out as our hairy friends met a would-be burglar face-to-face.

Here are photos of the dogs we tested in this story.  Click through to see all of them.

Easy Pooch Protection Tips

  • Establish who is leader of the pack.  The number one way to communicate to a dog that you are his pack leader is to take him for a walk. You are in charge here.  We are talking about the kind of walk where the dog is made to heel beside or behind the human who is holding the lead. A dog must not be allowed to sniff or eliminate anywhere he wishes, but where you allow him. This pack-type walk should be done daily and will gradually improve your pet’s protective instincts for you and your family.
  • Allow Fido to be Fido:  If your dog is barking or their ears perk up, there is a good reason for it.  You need to allow your dog to be a dog.  One easy way of making them understand you appreciate their alerts, is to accommodate them by joining in on the investigation.  Turn the porch light on.  This signals to them that you are also eager to check things out. You can also leave your dog in the room closest to the porch so it can alert you if someone is approaching the house. A barking dog will make a potential predator think again before coming up onto your porch.