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TopChips a DEAL!

The TopChips by Mastrad claims to make fat-free chips that are crispy.

It cost $19.99.  It’s a little pricey.

When you consider what bags of potato chips cost, and how the chips “settle in packing,” a device that makes chips is worth a look.

It comes with a slicer that cuts the potato slices to a 1/32 width.   The slicer worked great.

The TopChips is a round device that is elevated  about an inch off the rotating dish in the microwave.   You have to slice small potatoes. I got big potatoes and made large slices.  The TopChips is not very big so it only held six chips. So that is a problem if you are trying to cook for a party. Using smaller potatoes and making smaller slices, you can do many more.

You cover the top (not overlapping) with potato slices and put them in the microwave for three minutes.   I was not expecting much but it worked great. It made great chips.   The good part is the chips are healthier. Another positive is you can season the chips any way you want to season them.

A negative is you probably have to keep your microwave humming if you are making a bunch of them.


But I liked the TopChips and rated it a “Deal.”


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