Brothers Arrested For Theft

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The Limestone County Sheriff’s Department is hoping the arrest of two brothers will clear up a number of theft cases in the county.

18-year-old Justin Colby King and 20-year-old Daniel Lynn King were arrested Tuesday night on a theft charge.

Limestone County Sheriff Mike Blakely says they stole large farm equipment. Some of it was sold at an auction in Missouri, and some of it was sold for scrap metal.

Blakely says some of the equipment was stolen from remote locations where no one actually lives and where there are no other houses around.

Blakely says, “It always amazed me, as much work as they have to go to on some of the stuff they’re stealing, get a job, and it wouldn’t be near as difficult.”

Blakely encourages people to keep their equipment secured in a shed or behind a locked gate. He also recommends putting a serial number on your farm equipment so it can be identified if it’s stolen.

Sheriff Blakely says they are looking for one other suspect involved in stealing some farm equipment and scrap metal.

Both brothers are being held on a five thousand dollar bond each.