ULA Union Workers Vote Not To Strike Against Company

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Union workers at United Launch Alliance voted Sunday not to strike against the company over a new three-year contract.

Today, 850 employees at ULA's sites in Decatur, Florida and California voted down the company's last and final contract offer.  However, because the workers did not have enough votes for a strike, the proposal they voted down now goes into effect.

One union worker says the vote to strike failed by only five votes.  That means union workers will be back at work Monday under a new contract, after the current contract expires at midnight Sunday night.

This follows three weeks of tense contract negotiations between union representatives and company officials.  Last week, union representatives filed a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board claiming company representatives were not bargaining in good faith.

The union was upset at language changes included in the new contract that raised health insurance costs and denied retirement benefits to new hires.