Alabama GOP Voices Support For Roy Moore

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BIRMINGHAM, AL — The Alabama Republican Party held a news conference Wednesday at ALGOP headquarters to voice support for Judge Roy Moore, the Republican nominee for Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice.

Moore beat Charlie Graddick by an overwhelming margin in the March primary.

On Wednesday, Bill Armistead, Chairman of the Alabama Republican Party, appeared alongside Judge Moore to assure voters Moore has the party’s full support.

“Alabama voters sent a strong message in the March 13 primary that they want Judge Roy Moore as their Chief Justice again. The Alabama Republican Party stands firmly behind Judge Roy Moore to serve as the next Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court,” Armistead said. “Judge Moore is a man of honor, courage and incredible moral strength. His conservative values, record in the courtroom and years of service to our state and to our country speak volumes about his character and conviction. Judge Moore embodies the conservative values and beliefs of the citizens of our state and the Republican Party in Alabama stands behind him 100%.  We are committed to do all that we can to ensure victory for Judge Moore and the Republican Party in November.”

Judge Roy Moore addressed the crowd of supporters, pledging to uphold the law and ensure that it is applied equally to all people in a fair and impartial manner.

“Bill Armistead has done a great job as Chairman of the Alabama Republican Party and I am honored to stand beside him today as we work together to ensure Republican victories in Alabama from the Court House to the White House,” Moore stated.  “I believe in limited government, conservative principles, and moral values and I am proud to be part of the Republican Party. I look forward to the November election and becoming the next Chief Justice of the State of Alabama.”

Moore faces Democrat Harry Lyon in the November general election.  Armistead addressed rumblings that have circulated the the Alabama Democratic Party may try to replace Lyon with another candidate.

“We will utilize the full strength and resources of the Republican Party to ensure that Judge Moore is elected in November, regardless of who his Democratic opponent is,” said Armistead. “If another candidate emerges as the result of Chicago-style Democratic backroom political deals, so be it. I urge all Alabamians to unite behind Judge Moore as our next Chief Justice regardless of who his opponent is.”

A few lawyers have said they plan to run as write-in candidates.