Tornado Relief Group ‘Saw Team Six’ Logs Over 3,000 Hours Of Service In Year After April 27th

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In the wake of April 27th, 2011, communities across Alabama stood tall to meet the challenges we all faced.

But in a sea of heroic acts, one group of true heroes rose above and beyond.

United Way of Madison County President Steve Kirkpatrick says of the team, "They're one of our legendary group of volunteers."

The group calls themselves Saw Team Six.  Founding member Ken Sokolowski simply says, "It's our duty.  We know what to do, and we can go out and help people."

Saw Team Six knows about duty.  Most of the members sport a military background.

It helps them eliminate debris with extreme prejudice and efficiency.

It also helped them find their signature identity.

The team was the sixth of many to sign up to help the United Way.

But this team long outlasted the others.  Still they stuck with the name Saw Team Six to honor Seal Team Six - the group that eliminated Osama Bin Laden shortly after April 27th.

Like their namesake, Saw Team Six never considers rewards.

Core Team Member Lonnie Lewis says, "Jeez, I never really thought about the rewarding part.  It's more like an honor to go do this."

Sokolowski adds, "Even if you're doing the right thing, after a while it gets old and tired, and you want to quit.  Well, we don't feel that way, because we feel that we're doing God's work."

So they come out, weekend after weekend.  Doing God's work.  And they plan to keep on doing it. . . "Until we're done.  Until there's no more jobs that we can get through the United Way," assures Sokolowski.

Because Saw Team Six already knows what the rest of Madison County is learning.

As Lonnie Lewis puts it, "Sometimes when you're down on your luck, if you just look to God, he'll send somebody to help you."

If you're really lucky, he sends Saw Team Six.

Saw Team Six says they've logged over 3,000 hours helping families across north Alabama.

But now they need your help.

The team needs new tires for the truck the United Way lends them so they can complete their mission.  If you can help, contact the United Way at (256) 536 - 0745.