Tools For Teachers: Stacy Warren

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An elementary teacher in Scottsboro is getting major recognition this week in WHNT News 19's Tools For Teachers initiative. The nominations poured in for fourth grade teacher Stacy Warren.

A step inside her classroom at Brownwood Elementary backs up heartfelt compliments for Warren.  Her children are all smiles, ready to learn and eager to please.

Of course, this environment is a bit calmer than earlier in the day we visited, when the children took part in a special surprise.

Ms. Warren was nominated for the WHNT News 19 Tools For Teachers award several times.

"Even a child that might not seem too interested, she has a way of turning that child inside out, and bringing out the best in the child," said Pat Womack.

Principal Steve Green says his school has several gifted teachers.  But with Ms. Warren...

"It's that extra commitment," said Green.  "It's that extra time and energy, and it comes from the heart."

It's a good enough reason to hold a school-wide assembly to surprise Warren.

"We have a surprise today," Green announced to the crowd.  "It is called Tools For Teachers.  They are here to honor one of our teachers for their hard work.  So Ms. Stacy Warren, will you please come forward?"

After a thunderous applause...

"It is my pleasure, on behalf of Channel 19, to present you with $319 for anything in your classroom," said Green.

"What an honor," Warren said. "I have never wanted to be anything besides a teacher.  My whole life, that is all I have ever wanted to be."

Warren's teaching philosophy is simple.

"We have kids that come to us from all kinds of situations and circumstances," she explained to us.  "And especially in this elementary level, you have to love the kids first and foremost.  They have to be your heart.  And if they are not your heart, you don't need to be here."

Ms. Warren wants her kids to understand it's a big world out there -- and the possibilities are endless.

"Sometimes it's baby steps, but all of those baby steps add up to the big leaps students make," Warren said.

Nominate an educator for Tools For Teachers here.  It can be a principal, teacher, or coach.