Music Bullet a Deal!

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The Music Bullet cost $14.99 and can be bought at many home stores, and also stores that carry "As Seen on TV" products.

It's slightly bigger than an egg. It claims to give you "big sound."  It's a tiny speaker that plugs into your smartphone, laptop, or MP3 player.  It does not have an AC adaptor, but does has a USB connector to charge on your laptop or desktop.  The directions say it will hold work for eight hours with a full charge.

It has a twenty inch connector cord that plugs into your device of choice.    It also has tiny buttons on the side which allow the speaker to "pop up" and give you the big sound it claims to have.

I loved it.  It's a Deal.

I think the Music Bullet is a perfect device to take to the beach or lake.  While you can't throw it around, it does seem to be sturdy. And it does give you a dramatic boost on your volume.  It's also good for a dorm room or a small apartment.

I like my music loud. I tend to like the rowdy stuff. I never met a guns blazing guitar souind that I didn't like.

A personal footnote...

You should be careful with the volume.  My parents used to get on to me about the volume of my music and I ignored them. They were right. I'm paying for the loud music with some hearing issues. Granted, jamming an earpiece into my ear for newscasts hasn't helped either.

So, be smart about the volume. The Music Bullet is a Deal and it cost $14.99.