Lights Out in Alabama Social Media Fundraiser

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Teenagers text, tweet, and talk via Facebook all the time. Now, they’re doing all that for a good cause. A Madison County teenager is trying to help an organization that helped people in need after the April 27th tornadoes and still does to this day and you can get involved.

Almost one year after the April 27th tornadoes, Bob Jones High School student Alex Thorpe wanted to give back.

“We’re going to use social media, like Facebook and Twitter to spread the word,” says Thorpe.

As a leader in the FCA, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Thorpe and other members are planning a social media blitz called “Lights Out in Alabama.” The goal is to raise money for Inside-Out Ministries, Inc.

“This was a good way to leave a legacy and remind others in the community about the April 27th tornadoes,” says Thorpe.

Thorpe is asking that members of the community put $2.00 in an envelope and mail it directly to Inside-Out Ministries on Friday, April 27th. The goal is to collect at least $1,000.

Deborah Ward, the director of operations for Inside-Out Ministries, says they provide food, clothing or shelter to families in need.

“Our food pantry was basically emptied out at that time,” explains Ward. “We had emergency food packs available.”

Last April, Inside-Out Ministries volunteers distributed food and other items by the truckloads to tornado victims in the Monrovia and East Limestone communities.

“They don’t know where to go, so we try to offer them a little bit of hope and encouragement,” says Ward.

Ward is proud of Thorpe and the other participating teenagers for putting together the fundraiser that will benefit Inside-Out Ministries.

“Her idea alone is enough to encourage people to say, 'Look we haven’t forgotten as young people and so the adults don’t need to forget either,'" says Ward.

If you would like to participate in “Lights Out in Alabama,” you can mail donations to Inside-Out Ministries, Inc. The address is P.O. Box 2004, Madison, AL 35758. You can also drop off a donation at First Commercial Bank on Hughes Road.