United Way Of Madison County Faces Cuts

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The numbers keep falling into place, and there's still optimism at the United Way.

The United Way of Madison County's President Steve Kirkpatrick says, "It'll keep rolling.  Certainly we'll break $90,000.  And our hope beyond hopes is that we make $100,000.  That's our goal."

But that's still not enough to keep all of the United Way's services intact.

The United Way says they've never seen hardship like this.

Kirkpatrick explains, "The magnitude of what we have is certainly new, and typically what we have done is we have reserves that we can dip out of when we have a slight decline."

The shortfall stems from numerous difficulties beyond the control of the United Way.

Kirkpatrick adds, "You've got cuts in federal programs, cuts in state programs, and a generally poor economy.  Certainly the poor economy has lasted longer than any of us could believe."

The United Way will have to cut services in the short term.

They say they hope they can use that time to build back their reserve funds, drained by the tough economy and continuing services following the storms of the last year.

Kirkpatrick says, "We believe it will pick up, but there's just so much uncertainty in the economy out there, it will take us some time to build that back."

And difficult decisions will litter the path.