Dozens of Officers Gather for Impressive Farewell to Lawrence County Investigator

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A somber ceremony made its way through Morgan and Lawrence Counties.  It was to pay homage to a sheriff’s deputy.

Lawrence County Deputy Sergeant Mark Richard died last Wednesday from a heart attack at the age of 38.

Family and friends gathered Monday to honor his life.

“We never understand why that these things happen, but it’s just one of those things that does,” said Lawrence County Sheriff Gene Mitchell.

Mitchell lead his colleagues in a heartfelt farewell to Richard, an 18 year veteran of the department.

“He was a good investigator and he had a couple of areas that he was specialized in, so we’re going to miss him, badly,” Mitchell.

Among Richard’s credits are record drug busts, solving major crimes, and most importantly, being a good father to two young children.

His daughters joined their mother, surrounded by dozens of fellow law enforcement officers, in saying goodbye to Richard.

“He was funny,” said Mitchell of Richard’s personlity.  “He was a great guy. He kidded everybody and everybody kidded him.  It was always lively around Mark.”

Mitchell says Richard always had a short response when asked to do something on behalf of the citizens of Lawrence County: “Yes sir, I’ll be on the way,” said Mitchell, quoting Richard.

During his career, Richard scored a record drug bust in Lawrence County that took 22 kilos of cocaine, 80 pounds of marijuana, and $300,000 of drug money off the streets.