Albertville Leaders Say New Business Proof Immigration Law Not Hurting Economy

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Friday morning ground was broken on a new business in Albertville.   Newman Industries will employ between 60 and 80 people making parts for Honda.

“As far as a time table goes,” says Albertville Mayor Lindsey Lyons, ” next Spring they should be  operating at their initial capacity of 60 to 80 jobs.”

The parts made at the plant will go to Honda’s plant in Lincoln, Alabama.  Newman Industries also makes parts for Acura and Subaru.

City leaders also say the new business shows that Alabama’s immigration law is not hurting business recruitment.

“This is proof today that industry is coming to the epicenter of the immigration fight,” says Albertville council member Chuck Ellis.  “And there’s new jobs for people in Albertville.”

Construction on the new plant is scheduled to begin in late May.