The Sharper Image 4-in-1 Chop and Slice Is a Resounding “DEAL”

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Here’s the deal. The Sharper Image 4-in-1 Chop and Slice is the best food chopper we’ve found. It’s pricey. It costs $24.99.  But it’s sturdier and has better blades, I think, than the Chop Wizard. The Chop Wizard is still a great food chopper and the best we had found until we found the Sharper Image Chopper.

It’s strong and all the veggies and fruits we chopped on the various blades put up no resistance.   It also comes with a top for the part of the chopper that actually catches the food.  You can chop veggies and fruits and then immediately put them in the fridge.

It just depends on your budget. If cost isn’t an option, then I would be The Sharper Image 4-in-1 Chop and Slice to take care of chopping fruits and vegetables.  If you have to get the cheapest you can find, the Chop Wizard is still a great chopper. But The Sharper Image version is still the best I’ve seen!

Note: Many of you have asked where to buy this product.  We found it at Bed, Bath & Beyond.


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