Lauderdale County Detectives Plan Polygraph Test In Abduction Case

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Lauderdale County investigators continue their investigation into what happened to a young mother.

Ashley Sterry tells police she was held against her will.

After an interview with officers Monday afternoon, deputies want more details about the case, so detectives scheduled a polygraph test for Sterry.

According to detectives, there's very little evidence in this case.

“Get a call and say hey, a block building, block buildings are in Alabama, Tennessee, all over, so it's just hard to go on,” said Lauderdale County Sheriff, Ronnie Willis.

Investigators say the questions keep mounting.

“We gotta give her the benefit of the doubt, we`ll get her side of it and see where that leads us,” said Lauderdale County Chief Deputy, Jr. Witt.

According to deputies, Sterry told detectives she was abducted while parked at an intersection.  Then investigators found Sterry's car in her drive-way with the keys in it.

Now as detectives try to piece together the clues they question if the story adds up.

“We`ve got the FBI involved with us searching every lead we get, talking to friends, neighbors, people she worked with, her family,” said Sheriff Willis.

Still, after an interview with police, detectives say they need more details, and they need to make sure the details they are getting, are accurate, in order to make a case against any alleged abductors.

“We still have a lot of unanswered questions that the polygraph will tell us,” said Witt.

But until those answers come, Lauderdale County sheriff's detectives do not believe other women are in danger.

“I think this is an isolated case,” said Witt.

Investigators say while the search for answers continues so does the search for any suspects.