Trifecta of Products Get “Deal”

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On this particular week we did a trifecta of products. Two of them were fun items for Deal or Dud scrutiny.   One item was a serious test of a product that we’ve received a great deal of email about.

The first one we tested was the Plink Garbage Disposal Cleaner and Deodorizer.   It’s a small soft ball filled with freshener. You need to think small lemon-filled paint ball for a mental picture.  You run the tap water full bore and then drop one or two in the disposal and turn it on.   Let them disposal and water run for 15 seconds and your disposal will be much better.  We rated the Plinks a Deal. They cost $3.99 for a package of ten.

The second “fun” item is the Devil Oven Pull by Joie.  Think big rubber spork with a smiling face on the top.  The Devil Oven Pull has a handle that you can grab oven racks, or adjust a casserole dish. If you pull the rack out, you can use the top of the Devil Oven Pull to push the rack back in the oven. It’s cute and it cost $2.99 and it works. We made it a Deal.

The more serious product is called the Chef Basket.  We’ve received a great deal or email asking if the Chef Basket works.  It bills itself as a 12-in-1 kitchen tool.  The Chef Basket cost only $9.99 and says it can steam, rinse, strain, deep fry, and also take pasta from the pot to the plate.  And for the most part, it can. It’s a decent tool for the kitchen.   It’s cheap and flexible, and appeared to hold up pretty well while we “played” with it.   We made the Chef Basket a Deal!