Tools for Teachers: Kelly Lee of Henagar

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Teaching is an admirable profession that can sometimes go without thanks.  In this edition of Tools For Teachers, a future educator sings the praises of someone she shadowed during her internship.

Kyndahyl Fife nominated Mrs. Kelly Lee at Henagar Junior High School.

Mrs. Lee is adored by many, plain and simple.

"We couldn't do without her," said Stevie Green.  "She's a great lady."

Former student teacher Kyndahl Fife singled out Lee, the language arts teacher at Henagar Junior High.

"She's a really amazing person," said Fife.

It's more than that.  Lee is a cancer survivor who does extensive work with the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Fife says Lee's lesson plan extends beyond the classroom walls.

"I think that that's one of the messages she sends to the kids here, is that, if you want to make a difference and make a change, that you have to be very active and that you have to work really hard," said Fife.

"She's around the clock," said Green. There's no stopping her."

So, with cash in hand, it's time to say thanks.

"Mrs. Lee, you are the winner of Tools For Teachers and here's the $319," we said.

"Oh my goodness," Lee replied.

"We have a really great bunch of kids here at Henagar," she told us.

What will she do with the $319?

"I might ask the kids, and see what they think we need in the classroom," Lee said.

As always, the kids come first for Mrs. Lee, and they know and appreciate it.

"She's a good teacher because she explains everything in a way that we can understand it," said Jasmine Steele.

"She is the best person I have ever met," another student said.

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