Project Paws: Helping Pets Find Permanent Homes

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For the last 33 years, I can count on both of my hands how many times I’ve gone to bed without a bundle of fur and bad breath.  Things only an animal lover can truly appreciate (or perhaps tolerate is a better choice of words).

Pets and people are treated equally in my world.  In fact, you might say I was named after the family poodle.  At the very last minute, my mom and dad decided Mandy was a more suitable name for our dog.  So, when I came along they named me Carrie instead.

A good chunk of my childhood was spent on my family’s farm in Ohio.  I’ve milked goats, adopted out dozens of barn cats and cleaned up more hair balls than I would like to recall.  And each time one of my four-legged friends passed on, whether it be a dog, cat, or hamster the tears rush down like it was the first time.  Animals bring us so much joy with their loving and loyal spirits.  To think more than three million are euthanized every year is overwhelming.  But I think WHNT News 19 may have found a way to “Take Action” – a way to help.

In 2011, WHNT News 19 joined hands with the Madison Animal Rescue Foundation and “Project Paws” was born.  Our mission: Help MARF find wonderful homes for local dogs and cats!  MARF is a non-profit cat and dog rescue that works to save as many homeless animals as possible for the City of Madison.  The foster agency works with dozens of Madison County residents to give unwanted animals a temporary safe haven until they can find a loving family.  If you’re reading this, perhaps that could be you! You can reach MARF at (256) 658-8607.  Or visit their website

Every Friday, WHNT News 19 will showcase an adoptable cat or dog.  We’ll give you reliable information about Fido or Mittens straight from their foster parent.  You’ll get their fabulous traits, their adorable flaws and everything in between.  Better yet, you’ll get a new addition to the family.  And while WHNT News 19 can’t place insurance on your shoes or socks, we can ensure one thing:

“Animals are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”

Carrie Marchese & Zorro (8 Years old and Grumpier than ever)