Genie Bra: Women Who Tested It Say ‘Deal’


The journey to do the Genie Bra for Deal or Dud was a strange one.  First, let me make it perfectly clear, I did not, nor have I ever, come into contact with a Genie Bra during this story preparation.

I did a Deal or Dud on Furniture Fix. For those of you who don’t remember, Furniture Fix is a series of panels used to bolster a sagging couch or chair. The young man who test it, Eric Burke, like Furniture Fix and rated it a Deal!

But after the story, I showed an email from a woman name Janice. Her email, I thought, illustrated the sense of humor that many of our viewers enjoy.

Question: Greg,  I would appreciate input on “Furniture Fix”.  Does it work as well as the TV commercial claims?  I also would love info on the “Genie Bra” but don’t have a clue how you could do this one.  Thank you for providing this fantastic service.

– Janice

We all had a big laugh on the air about the email and my saying “NO” to ever testing the Genie Bra.  But what happened next, I didn’t see coming.  I received several emails from women who said they loved the Genie Bra. One even volunteered to test it, but with some conditions.  You can imagine what those conditions were.

But I digress.

But all of the women who emailed said they loved the Genie Bra and would buy them anytime they needed one.   The Genie Bra cost anywhere from $14.99 to $19.99.

And who am I to disagree with the women who emailed?  Not my area.

The Genie Bra is a Deal.


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