Deal or Dud: OXO Good Grips Can Opener

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Is the OXO Good Grips Can Opener worth your money?  We put it to the Deal or Dud test.

  • Slice Right

    Slice Right a ‘Deal’

  • Actifry

    Actifry a Deal

  • Nails Inc

    Nails Inc spray polish a ‘No!’

  • Comfort Zone Fan

    Comfort Zone Fan a Deal

  • Chicken Rack

    Beer Can Chicken Rack a ‘Deal’

  • true-touch

    True Touch a “Deal”

  • gentle-spray

    Bark collar a “Deal”

  • Hot Hands

    Hot Hands a Deal

  • promo295149023

    Tyme 2-in-1 seems to be a Deal

  • Watermelon Slicer

    We love watermelon! And we love watermelon slicers!

  • easy-pull

    Easy Pull a “Deal”

  • Gadget Grab Two

    Gadget Grab a Deal

  • Image Courtesy MGN Online

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