WHNT News 19 Closings Policy


When severe weather moves into the Tennessee Valley, WHNT News 19 will keep you informed on-air and online, through WHNT.com, and our social media platforms.

If you need to list a closing, please email it to news.department@whnt.com and closings@whnt.com or call our newsroom at (256) 534-7226.  Please note – we only check this closings email account during severe weather.  If this is a closing during a non-severe weather event, please email news.department@whnt.com or call our newsroom at (256) 534-7226.

If you are reporting a closing for a school system or large business (200 or more employees), you will need our password.  If you do not currently have our password, please contact our newsroom through the phone number above or email news.department@whnt.com to obtain it.


What we will list on our TV crawl and on WHNT.com:

  • K-12 Schools & Colleges (public & private)
  • Major Businesses (large employers, county courthouses & agencies, public offices, etc.)
  • Road Closings and Public Safety Information
  • Cancellations of Major Events (200 or more attendees)
  • Other Items, at our editorial discretion

Due to the popularity of social media, WHNT News 19 has revised its policy regarding reporting of closings.  Effective January 23, 2013, we will no longer list daycare closings, doctor’s offices or cancellations of small group meetings.  There are now numerous ways for such organizations to communicate information to their clients and staff.

We recommend daycares consider following the decision of the local school system in your area and communicate that information in advance to your clients and staff.  Or, post closings information on your own website or to Facebook and encourage your parents to check those for updates.  You could also set up an email distribution to notify impacted individuals.  And, you can use your own Facebook page or Twitter feed to communicate necessary information about changes.

Facebook and Twitter are free and easy to use.  Many of your clients and staff are likely already active users of one or the other or both.  For example, if you manage a daycare, you can set up a page and let parents know to ‘Like’ the page to get updates.  You can post updates about closings or other important messages.  Groups can also use similar Facebook pages to post notifications about meeting delays or cancellations.

If we don’t implement limits, the number of closings quickly becomes too voluminous to be effective on air or on WHNT.com when severe weather happens.  We appreciate your understanding and we welcome questions and feedback to our policy.  Please email us at news.department@whnt.com.


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