WineOut a Dud

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Story aired November 30, 2011


The Holiday Season is here and many people will be heading to parties.   At some point, someone will spill a glass of red wine on themselves or someone else.  There are a thousand home remedies that claim to get red wine out of clothes.  There are also a thousand products that claim to do the same thing.

WineOut only cost $3.99 and claims to make red wine stains disappear "magically."   WineOut says it will get wine out of clothes, tableclothes, and carpet.We got some merlot and started spilling it everywhere.  The WineOut did get merlot out of my carpet. But the clothes presented an interesting situation. The WineOut did get the merlot out immediately. But as the merlot was removed, it was replaced with what looked like a light green stain.  When we laundered the shirt, as directions say do, the stain was light brown. We washed the shirt again, and the stain was still there.

Based on that, we made WineOut a Dud.