Top Five ‘Duds’ of 2011

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Story aired on December 14, 2011


Here are the five worst "Duds" of 2011.

We start with "Dud #5.

The Fushigi Ball is a ball you manipulate to make it appear that it floats. A sleight-of-hand skill set will have the ball appearing to move on it's own once you master it.  But what makes it a "Dud" is that it cost $20 and is hard as a rock. If you drop it on a toe, you will be hurting. Plus, a local magician told us you can learn the same trick with an orange, and it's safer.  The Fushigi is "Dud #5."

Next to "Dud #4."

The EZ Grill is a disposable grill and cost only $4.99.  It comes complete with charcoal, a grill, and aluminum. The charcoal was slow to light. When the charcoal did light, it took 40 minutes to cook a burger. Even though the grill was close to the charcoal, the charcoal was so small it couldn't get hot enough to cook a medium-sized burger. It's a cheap disposable grill and you get what you pay for.The EZ Grill is "Dud #4."

Next to "Dud #3."

The third worst of Dud of 2011 is "The Eggie."  Eggies are plastic mini-domes that claim to be a better way to boil an egg. The Eggie got huge play as an "As Seen On TV" product.  But we thought the Eggie over-complicated the process of making a boiled egg. To boil an egg, you need a pot, water, and an egg.  To boil it with an egg, you need all that, plus you have to wipe the inside of the eggie with cooking spray, untwist the Eggie, pour the egg in through the top, and screw the top back on.

You get the idea.

Plus we had Eggies pop open in boiling water.  We were not impressed.  The Eggie is "Dud #3."

Now to "Dud #2."

The Sharper Image EZ Booster take the second spot in our "Dud" list.  The EZ Booster claimed you could start a car by plugging one end into the cigarette lighter of an automobile, and the other end into the cigarette lighter of a stalled automobile.  Then you are supposed to crank the good car and the cables would work like standard jumper cables through the cigarette lighters. This product never came close to working. We tried a similar product and it didn't work either.   We make the Sharper EZ Booster a "Dud." But if you have ever seen this product, or have one, and can make it work, please call or email us. We want to see if there is any way this thing works.

And the "TOP DUD OF 2011"....

This one was easy. The Slice-O-Matic was a waste of $20.00  It sliced veggies okay, but when it came to the julienne tool. We barely got the julienne tool in without cutting a finger off.  When we did get it the Slice-O-Matic, it hardly scratched the surface.  It was so frustrating to use we ended up throwing it away. A sharp knife could cut or julienne veggie much easier and you can save the $20.

Next week, we will have the Top Five "DEALS" of 2011.